logo-v1-modifiedBlack & White Solutions is an innovation-led consultancy on a mission: we want to help people earn more value for their work, and enjoy quality free time. Today there are still millions of entrepreneurs who struggle to make ends meet, who desperately try to micro-manage every little aspect of their business, and tackle all their problems without the help of experienced professionals, thus not enjoying the fruits of their hard work, or quality time with their beloved ones. At Black & White Solutions we want to change this.

We have created 360° services that cover all the needs of an entrepreneur: from designing a business plan, to securing funding, creating a website, finding a working place, protecting their intellectual property, lobbying their way through decision makers and organising networking events.

We are committed to widening access to our services, so more entrepreneurs can benefit, no matter where they live in the world. By delivering a sustainable business, we provide wealth benefits to clients, improved quality of life s as well as supporting their future dreams and vision. At Black & White Solutions, we believe how we do business is as important as what we do – it’s what makes us different - so we are challenging industry norms by changing the way we work.


Business Plan & EU funds

A successful business plan is the corner stone to launch your project and seek funding. Our consultants will follow you through all the necessary stages to finalize an efficient and impactful plan. Furthermore, we will support you to fund your project by guiding you in the world of European funding, organising seminars and conferences or providing you a personalized service of proposal writing and project management

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European Blockchain Academy

As entrepreneurs your valuable ideas need to be protected by copycats and other frauds against your work. We provide markets analysis, patents and trademarks registration in Europe and abroad. We find the solutions to safeguard your project through all the phases from the idea to the patent.

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Creating a professional, interactive and, design-forward website is a key element to making your business profitable. Our team of website designers are equipped with all the necessary skills to create an eye-catching website that fits your vision and your needs.

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A perfect space for you to work, do events, business meetings, and networking. At our premises we offer desks, a luxurious meeting room, a nice garden where you can discuss about your project or business in full privacy.

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Catering & Events

Our in - house catering and wine companies have established a national reputation for exceptional food, creativity and presentation combined with outstanding service. We offer you an extra touch to your stay at our premises, providing catering, party planning and, event management services for your events and meetings, from networking breakfast to high-level dinner.

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We use our team’s considerable hands-on experience and its network to offer you a complete range of consultancy services. We will support you to find any kind of information you need for your business, developing policy analysis and organising you meetings with stakeholders and policy makers.

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Black&White Solutions is a multi-sectorial consultancy based in Brussels, just in the heart of the European Institutions.

We offer a variety of services designed to inspire innovation in our clients including a co-working space, consulting services, and event management. Our company offers our members a collaborative, engaging environment that shares resources and ideas. We  provide consulting services to businesses looking to bring fresh ideas to their branding, marketing and workflow.

Finally, our selection of highly qualified and experienced with a wide network of contacts among decision makers, covers the need for innovative services among businesses and individuals alike and make us confident there is a solution we can provide to your challenges!


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Our experienced staff is happy to reply to your demands in any of the following languages: English, French, Italian, Greek, Albanian, German.